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There's a new band in town - Introducing BYRTH

Off the Record not only filmed the first live performance of the duo, but also sat down to chat about how they met, their plans, and influences that inspired their music.

Vienna - Julian Porpaczy and Tobias Kobl make up the experimental pop-duo “BYRTH” that entered the Austrian Indie Charts at a staggering 4th place with their first single “Ladybird” (18.06.2021/Hinterhofrecords) and has been featured on various Spotify playlists.


Introduce yourselves to the readers


Julian : We’re a duo named BYRTH, with a “y” because birth wouldn’t be the best option for Google-searches (as it gives you results for actually giving birth),[laughs].

We met, when my other band supported Tobi’s band on tour a while ago. The rest of his former band wanted to drive back home straight after the gig and he asked if he could stay with us. Of course, we warmly welcomed him to spend the evening with us. We and our future head of label, Nik Paumgarten - who was the sound technician that night - painted one of my bandmates’ faces with marker. Little did we know that this face-paint would be like our signing of the label contract two years later [collective laughing].

Was it clear from that moment on that you wanted to make music together?


Julian: Actually no, we just got along really well and enjoyed each others company. At some point we decided we should sit together and jam a bit. We talked about what we’d feel like doing for music and I played him one of my demos. He was like “yeah it sounds good, 

we could add this and that” so we listened to each others ideas and brought them together and it “clicked” pretty quickly.

05_Byrth_by Pamela Rußmann_Film8790_22.jpg

© BYRTH by Pamela Rußmann

Tobias: At that time (about two years ago) I was making a lot of music and also producing. I started working with different artists, but there was never the proper “flow”. I was looking for someone to sing and write lyrics for the music I wrote, because I can produce and play several instruments, but singing and lyrics were never really my thing to do. With Julian it was different. From the beginning we had a great workflow, which is pretty rare. It felt so easy working with him from the start : we got along, liked the same sound, I liked the way he sang and wrote lyrics straight away and he liked the way I write music. 


Julian: [laughs] we complete each other in that sense, he does all the hard work and I get to do what I really enjoy laughs. The energy and the vibe is great. Different to working in bigger bands where there is a lot of discussing and compromising, with him it’s easy and quick and very little compromising has to be done, because we mostly agree on things.


I asked you to each name five songs that have inspired you - would you pick one and tell me why? (full playlist ->)


Tobias: I think one of my biggest influences is The Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations”. It has been accompanying me since I was a kid, because my Dad is a big fan of all those 50’s, 60’s and 70’s classics and I listened to these records from an early age. The specific sound - there’s an electro-theremin in the chorus and the distinctive bass-line it begins with, played by Carol Kaye (an amazing studio bassist they hired to record it) and all this sound-design - I think it was one of the most expensive at that time and you can hear it! The sound structure, all of that really blew me away. I didn’t know what all these instruments were as a kid and its inspired me ever since. As a producer, sound technician and musician it surely shapes everything I do. 


Julian: I’ve picked five songs that particularly inspired me in this project. One is Lost Under Heaven’s “Lament” simply because Ellery Roberts in my opinion is the best singer of all time and he has the best broken, rough voice you can imagine and it definitely shaped my singing style. Oh and Darkside’s “Paper Trails” because of their mix of rock- and electronic elements.


Now that your first Single is out, what’s coming next?

Julian: The second single! [collective laughing]

Well because of the pandemic a lot of artists are waiting to release their albums, so we wanted to stand out and decided to go for a different strategy: we’re planning on releasing a couple of singles, all with their own story, and then a music video in autumn.

We are realistic enough to know that it doesn’t make sense for us to release an album right now, so we’ve decided on something a bit different. 


How about live shows?


To be honest there was no concept on how or when we would do live shows yet until you asked us to play the “Off the Record”- session [laughs]. We started deciding on how we want to build the live shows - either just the two of us or with a drummer. We figured both works.

Due to the concept and our flexibility we won’t have any problems playing pretty much anywhere and we’re definitely looking forward to it. 

Thank you for the great interview and props to you for playing the live session in suits at about 40°C room temperature!

Make sure you follow them on instagram for the lastest news and updates on the band:

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