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10 songs you (probably) didn't know are covers

Led Zeppelin "Dazed And Confused" Is a song written by American singer-songwriter Jake Holmes in 1967 in a folk rock-style. Jimmy Page heard it and started performing it with his band The Yardbirds. Adapted with new lyrics and vocal line it later became one of Led Zeppelin’s signature tracks.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts “I Love Rock’n’Roll”

The commercially most successful song by Joan Jett was originally written and released by the Arrows in 1975. After trying to convince the Runaways of the song unsuccessfully she recorded it with Steve Jones and Paul Cook (Sex Pistols), but it only made it as a B-Side track. When she started her new band The Blackhearts they decided to give it a chance: it was massive success.

Blondie “Hanging On The Telephone”

Witten by Jack Lee this cult classic was recorded and released by power pop band The Nerves in 1976 on their self-titled EP. It wasn’t until Blondie released the cover in 1978, that the song became a hit

“We were playing it in the back of a taxicab in Tokyo, and the taxicab driver started tapping his hand on the steering wheel. When we came back to the US, we found that the Nerves weren’t together anymore and we said, ‘Gee, we should record this.'”

- Deborah Harry

The Rolling Stones “Time Is On My Side”

is a song written by Jerry Ragovoy and first recorded by jazz trombonist Kai Winding and his orchestra in 1963, it was covered (with additional lyrics by Jimmy Norman) by soul singer Irma Thomas 1964. But The Rolling Stones’ version of it is undoubtedly the most famous one.

Eric Clapton “Cocaine”

The classic rock song was originally written and released by J.J. Cale in 1967. Clapton covered it for his album “Slowhand” in 1977 but it took another three years to get its recognition when he released it as a single for his album “Just One Night” and it entered the charts.

George Harrison, "Got My Mind Set on You"

The Beatles’ lead guitarist landed a massive success with ‘“Got My Mind Set On You” and reached his third number one single on the American Charts. Originally it was recorded by James Ray in 1962 (written by Rudy Clark).

Cindy Lauper “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

The world wide hit was composed and recorded by Robert Hazard in 1979. Cindy Lauper changed the lyrics and told the story from a female perspective and it became an anthem.

Soft Cell “Tainted Love”

The synth-pop duo’s version of Ed Cobb’s soul-song (originally sung by Gloria Jones) made them internationally famous and reached number one in the German and UK charts in 1981.

Nirvana "Love Buzz"

"Love Buzz" is a song by Dutch rock band Shocking Blue ( fun fact: they also wrote “Venus” Bananarama, which is most famous for the Gilette advertisement). It was written by Robbie van Leeuwen and first released on the group's 1969 album At Home. The song was covered by Nirvana and released as their debut single in 1988. Everett True (Melody Maker magazine) described Nirvana's "Love Buzz" single as a "Limited edition of 1,000; love songs for the psychotically


The Clash “I Fought The Law”

“I Fought The Law” was first recorded by The Crickets in 1960 (written by Sonny Curtis). When Joe Strummer and Mick Jones heard the song whilst recording “Give ’Em Enough Rope” in San Francisco, they were so keen on it they started playing it at live shows after their return from the US. In 1979 they released their studio version of it on The Cost of Living EP and the American version of their self-titled album. It became an anthem of the 70’s punk era.

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