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Music from Austria – Color The Night’s latest single “Hype”

“Hype” (11.06.21 / Hinterhof Records) is the latest single release by Color The Night - six young musicians from Austria jumbling up the local music scene since 2018 with their unique mix of pop, indie-rock, disco and funk elements.

And just on time - as lockdown ends - they release “Hype”. A song that musically channels the ecstatic of getting back out of the house with energetic beats and catchy melodies to get you from your couch right onto the dance floor.

But if you listen closely there is more to the song than the shallow hype you might expect from the title: lyrics dealing with © "Color The Night" by Patrick Weichmann. personal feelings such as doubts and

confusion most people faced in the past


Relatable, thought-provoking lyrics and

powerful catchy tunes are the epitome of

this colourful, energetic band.

Color The Night:

Paris Zinner / Vocals

Michael Buchegger / Rythm Guitar

Valentin Goidinger / Lead Guitar

Lukas Märkl / Bass, Synth

Jakob Gschwandtner / Drums

Jonathan Banholzer / Trumpet

Label: Hinterhof Records

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