Squid - Bright Green Field

Warp Records 2021

“Bright Green Field” is the debut album by Squid released on Warp Records (alongside iconic artists such as Aphex Twin and Brian Eno) on the 7th of May 2021.

It starts with a short 40 second intro “Resolution Square”, noisy and atmospheric giving you the opportunity to catch a breath and get ready for the musical journey through a dystopic present world you’re about to go on.

And then it hits you: “G.S.K” comes at you with elements of funk and punk-y vocals, revoking the new Generation of post punk with bands like Idles and some influence of early Television and Public Image Limited.

Next up is “Narrator” the bands first single release of the album at a length of 8:28 minutes with singer and drummer Ollie Judge shouting vocals and the calming voice of guest vocalist Martha Skye Murphy as a perfect contrast.

“Paddling”, the second single is exciting and restless with lines like “just do what you’re told” displaying the anger and frustration of punk, whilst experimenting with sounds and genres like krautrock, jazz, funk, noise, and indie rock – planned chaos.

It ends with “Pamphlets”: compared to the rest of the album simpler song recalling the energy of the Fall’s “Totally Wired”.

Melodic basslines, experimental guitars, the use of synths and trumpets and the rough vocals

Make it an explosive and powerful album that is anything but easy listening.


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